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This is us

Hey, I'm Ruben... 

37 years old, married, father of 3 sons and at home in the beautiful Züri Oberland. And this is my idea:

Since 2023, every drone pilot in Switzerland has had to carry their "driver's license" with them at all times. But the DIN-A-4 printout on paper is very unwieldy and vulnerable and also quickly gets dirty or lost. There's a better way, we said to ourselves!That's why we offer the most practical and beautiful solution on the market:

The drone license in credit card format

High-quality print, scratch-resistant, printed on premium PVC cards - the ideal solution! The ID card is always ready to hand, like your ID or credit card.

As simple as this idea is, we were excited about it.

After a few weeks of investment, struggling with the infrastructure that needs it and bringing the website online, we can now offer this service. 

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Therefore, each ID card ordered is individually laid out, optimally adapted to the format, the personal data is meticulously formatted and transferred and finally each ID card is individually checked for quality and the QR code is checked for functionality.

The feedback from our customers so far has been excellent. We try to make this transparent on the website as soon as possible (reviews). 


"Card arrived today, TOP! Thank you.

Just a quick info, first have a card

ordered in DE, qualitatively no comparison with the

from you (German card just disposed of;). 

Absolutely satisfied with the value for money."

Customer Simon Freiburghaus

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